Title Reporting The World
Author John Pilger
ISBN 1-901785-09-2
Extent 204pp
Format 220 x 220 mm
Binding Soft cover
Price £12.99/$19.99
Illustrations 16 colour, 80 black & white integrated
Pub date Jul-01

The close relationship between journalist and photographer is considered by John Pilger as he selects work by a wide range of photographers with whom he has worked or who have inspired his writings about trouble-spots both around the world and at home in Britain. Spanning 35 years, the book covers regional locations of SE Asia, Southern Asia, Africa, South America, USA and UK.

John Pilger commends the work of the photographers who have displayed great courage and integrity in the face of warfare, political upheaval and tense circumstance and pays homage to those who have followed the writer on his own journeys. He captures a moment in history when the work of the photo-journalist held huge impact on the newspaper reading populus, a moment today perhaps lost to the digitally-generated, television-viewing, information overloaded public gaze.

"Pilger is the closest we have to the great correspondents of the 1930s…The truth in is hands is a weapon, to be picked up and brandished and used in the struggle against evil and injustice." The Guardian